Friday, July 20, 2012

A Break In Programming

I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by! I hit 1500 pageviews that a lot?...probably not, but it feels like a million to me!!!

I was nervous to start this blog, waiting for the haters and naysayers to immediately be jumping down my throat. But I've got nothing but kind words and support from you so far and it's amazing. No pressure...but I'd love to hear from you. I know you're reading but I don't know who you are. I don't know your stories. And I'd love to know what brought you here and what brings you back.

Are you married to a Cuban too? Are you years along, looking back with fondness at the beginning of your relationship too? Or looking back...but in anger? Are you just at the beginning, in a panic, thinking WTF I am doing?!!! Are you just interested in Cuba but not in a romantic way? Are you in a similar situation but with a whole different country and whole different set of circumstances? Please, tell me more!

And with that I head back to the story. But before I go, here's a picture of Fidel Castro watching a dolphin show...

The so-called 'world's best dolphin show' at the Havana Aquarium


  1. Just boring old me, married to a Mennonite (very much not a Cuban). Loving your story anyway!


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    1. Fantastic news...but more importantly, is Malik reading?!!

  3. love your blog

  4. Hi. I met my cuban at a resort in 2009 in varadero. I went back and forth every other month and stayed a month. his daughter became like mine. his family was great. they wanted me to move in with them in Colon. He never wanted to leave. his family hated his baby mama as he did. eventually i bought a house and put it in his name Swevian Lopez Reyes. a few months later we got married. the next trip he was different. ever since i bought the house he stopped writing to me. the house is on the sea in boca de Camarioca. It never occurred to me that he was lying. I changed everything to be able to support he and his family, change my career and buy a house in cuba. we planned to open a casa particular in the future and hold yoga retreats as we raise his daughter. The next trip back to cuba after the wedding was a total disaster. the honey moon period of 3.5 years was over. He was obviously lying, stealing from me. He was always close with his family but somehow it always felt like he was cheating with his family. His father was rude to me and his domineering drinking ways were revealed. His brother in a law a dirty prosecutor Denier Perez was different and cold. Things had changed. I had told my husband that he needed to work as my money was tight. I had been telling him for a long time. he was a security guard with cepsa at Arenas Doradas when we met but he quickly quit his job stating that relations with me cost him his job. It became evident that he was a con artist not wanting to be discovered. His plan was coming into the light. but still i did not want tp believe it as we were only just married and I loved him so much. This last may i was there hoping things would be better as I had received a text from him stating how ill he was and how he had healed himself and it was my fault he could not pay for his daughter this month. I ran to him. He was different and I realized it was over. I was hurting so badly. I had come back on his invitation with my papers for permanent residency to be filed. they cost over $2000. On may 23 Swevian walked me down a dark street and right into an illegal manhole. Yes i fell and was injured but it could have been worse. of course i did not know that it was NOT an accident. 3 days later as I hobbled into the house he grabbed my wrists and began being violent with me. He was squeezing the already injured hand that was black and blue, his grasp so hard I still ahve the prints in my flesh. The struggle evolved with him trying to purposely only grab and inflict pain on the exisitng injuries as I cried like a broken shocked woman as he took me by surprise. I remember saying"What's happening? Why are you doing this? I thought you loved me? This is our home. I bought this house, this dog, this furniture, all of your clothes because I love you and you love me, talk to me, what is going on.." I escaped out of the back of the house and to the neighbours house. I was hysterical, in shock. The man I loved more than anything just attacked me. He even came into the neighbours house and acted like i was a stranger. They told him that house was not his. They told him to tell me it is over and he doesn't love me. HE wouldn't. He didn't want me to be able to go to immigration and file for permanent residency and I needed him with me for the interview. Without my papers I had no rights to my life there - the house, my dog, my furniture..I had no rights as a human being, a tourist, a canadian, a wife or a woman. I was nothing. to be continued.....

  5. The next day he went to the police and immigration telling them I beat him. That was not true at all. And the officials knew it. They knew me. The police tried to help. The neighbours in the town all stood by me. But without my papers there was nothing i could do. I was a hurting dog on the street. I was in shock. I found out and come to many realizations quickly. He was always with the baby mama. He had stolen from me for her. His family and in-laws were all scamming me for years - the Taxi driver Juan Perez, Claudia Lopez Reyes his dentist sister, Denier Perez the dirty public prosecutor brother in law, his father Noly - Emmanuel, his mother Elizabeth. All were in on it even his daughter lissett. Swevian was a great actor. But he has robbed me of money, my life, my dignity. He completely betrayed me. The other women, the sex, the betrayal. He fucked a 17 year old in the friday night night club in Boca right after our wedding. He and his friend Yuniel were security guards on the scam. And that was that. I am on my way back to boca to show my face. I have a lawyer in havana is helping me and i know for sure he is not dirty. My house is lost as is my dream of my perfect life on the water in paradise. But I cannot live with myself by allowing Swevian and his family to get away with it - leading me into a manhole hoping the worst would happen, then beating me and turning on me. Not once did he even say he did not love me or that he did not want a life with me. but the truth prevails and I have stopped living the illusion and I want justice. I will let the system know how he scammed not only me as that is not important to Cuba but how he scammed money form the pocket of the government. I will expose him as the fraudulent piece of life sucking scum that he is. Swevian Lopez Reyes will be accountable for his actions. All the cubans have is their reputations. He ruined his by cheating me in front of the good people of Boca and using all of them in his plan with his lies and deception. He stole the dog I bought for our house and we were raising, he took him from the house and is fighting him for money. I have no clue if my dog Mikee is even alive. Apparently he is in the house locked up and no one talks to him. I am sure he has local vagina and is living off of some other woman. He made a fool out of many people. Not all Cubans are bad. But no Cuban man is fit for a woman of any kind. If you want to contact a real Cuban Con Artist call 011 52 53 96 3031. Ask for Swevian. You can buy him for a CUC.